(This page is for Eastern University students. Non-students who are interested in working for the dining services on campus should visit www.SodexoUSA.com.)

Eastern Student Applications: 

(If you are using a laptop/desktop you can open the application, save it, and email it in. Printed copies are available in the Dining Commons).

Earn extra income while on campus, make friends, have fun and learn something by being a campus Dining Services employee. We offer flexible hours to fit your class schedule, competitive wages and the benefit of working “close to home.”

Work this semester

 We are the largest employer of current Eastern University students, and for good reason

  • We are the highest paying job on campus - up to $1.60 more per hour to start
  • No car needed! Don't waste your money on gas, and don't waste your time hunting for a space in the parking lot.
  • We have the most hours available - We have shifts from 6 am until midnight, so we can work around your class schedule. And you can work however many hours you want to - from as little as 5 per week to a maximum of 20 per week.*
  • FWS preferred, but not required - We are one of the very few departments that accept applications from students who did not qualify for Federal Work Study (FWS); we also use Eastern Campus Employment (ECE). In addition, most departments will not allow you to earn more than your FWS award, capping your pay at $1200 or $1400 for the entire year. Our employees often earn more than that in just a couple months, and we will let you earn more than your FWS award.
  • A great variety of jobs and locations - We offer four different food service locations, with dozens of different job responsibilities to keep you from getting bored.
  • Promotions & Pay Raises! All students are eligible for merit-based pay raises, and some locations offer supervisor and management promotions for student workers.

But working in the Dining Services is not for everyone.

  • It is a food service job, and there are a number of food safety regulations we must follow (such as no jewelry, no false fingernails or nail polish, and you must wear a hat or hair net).
  • We require a uniform (a polo shirt and hat that we provide, plus either your own pair of black slacks, or black slacks that we provide).
  • We are the highest paying job on campus for a reason. Our work is fun and satisfying, but you should expect to work harder than you will at many on campus jobs.
  • To help everyone plan their study time, the schedule is kept consistent from week to week

 * There is a limit of 20 hours per week for all on campus jobs. During periods of non-enrollment (summer break, winter break) there is a limit of 40 hours per week. Employment is conditional, based on approval by Eastern University's Student Aid office.


Contact Shane Newman, the EU Dining Student Employment Coordinator at  or 610-225-5051 Shane.Newman@sodexo.com