Meet The Dietitian


Sue Hurd - RD 

Our Registered Dietitian, Susan Hurd, adds another dimension to our dining program by working with our campus community to encourage healthy lifestyles and to help individuals become more comfortable in their dining environment.  She has a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and empowering people of all ages to reach their healthiest potential through food and nutrition. Sue works closely with our Disability Services teams to ensure the health and safety of our students with medical needs. She is an AllerTrain™ certified master trainer providing ongoing food allergy education to our dining team to help ensure safe and delicious foods for our customers with food allergies and Celiac disease. Sue recommends you check out ourdaily menus online or on ourBite App. Come meet Sue at one of her regular special events in the Dining Hall  or contact her at  Want to see what Sue is working on around our area? Follow her on Instagram @campusdietitian_sue

Cooking with Campus Dietitian Recipes

White Bean & Tomato Soup VideoWhite Bean & Tomato Soup Recipe

Veggie Cream Cheese VideoVeggie Cream Cheese Recipe

Aquafaba as Egg Replacement Video | Aquafaba as egg replacement recipe 

Chickpea Patties Video | Chickpea Patties Recipe

Upcoming Campus Visits

Thursday, September 10th - 11:00AM - Walton Dining Commons

Monday, October 12th - 11:00AM - Walton Dining Commons

Tuesday, November 10th - 11:00AM - Walton Dining Commons

Menu allergens

Our menu system provides ingredient statements specifically highlighting the big eight allergens: milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, & soy. Guests may check on the presence of allergens prior to planning their meals using the online menu, Bite app, and nutrition calculator. The absence of an allergen listed on posted or electronic product signage is not a guarantee that the product is free of that allergen. The guest is responsible for communicating their allergy to a supervisor or manager to ensure safety.